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Last night saw the first Bee Gees Fever/Bootleg Abba Show at The Crossing in Birmingham – and a great first gig it was! Have a look at the promo video:


The gig was a charity function organised by the Joseph Foote Trust, and also featured Nancy Foote on the bill.

Early gig too – we sound checked at 6-00pm and were on stage at 7-40 – unheard of really! Had a few issues with the beginning of the set though – someone (and we never found out who!)  had been messing with the plugs for the lights and had turned off all of our back line. Consequently, the start of the show wasn’t quite as we’d planned! Never mind, show soon got under way and, as usual, Bee Gees Fever gave a storming show!

The crowd soon were warmed up, even though it was an early start, and Barry’s gyrations (and, I suppose, his voice) made sure that there was a packed dancefloor!

It was a shorter set for us than normal; we were trying out the new set that we will be using with the Gimme Gimme Gimme Night Fever! show – keep checking back here and follow us on Twitter (@BeeGeesFever1) for the latest updates on this exciting new venture!

Bootleg Abba closed the show with a great set – a fantastic night all round and lots of money raised for the Joseph Foote Trust – so thank you all for coming and donating your time and money to a very worthwhile cause.

Some more pictures from the gig below – see if you can spot Barry’s best side(!):

Thanks very much to Jo for taking some pics for us!


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