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Here we are back again – following last night’s gig at Bromsgrove Sports and Social Club. We had played here before a few years ago for a birthday party and we had all forgotten how small the dressing room was! Take a look at this picture:









And that was taken from just inside the door! 5 of us had to fit in there plus Robin’s wig and Barry’s ego… 🙂 And, just to make matters even worse, the only light in the room kept going off, then back on again, then off, then back on again…ALL THE TIME WE WERE TRYING TO GET READY!!!!

Anyhow, the gig went well with lots of people up in the dancefloor dancing the night away. Big dancefloor it was too, here’s what it looked like when there were no people on it:







Pretty big eh?


So, we performed out usual great set, all Bee Gees numbers, obviously, when, virtually at the end of the night, after one and a half hours of fantastic Bee Gees classics, this request was handed to the stage. You couldn’t make it up…

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  1. Mandy - March 5, 2012 9:46 pm

    Sorry about the dressing room great size dance floor you can’t have everything !!!!


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