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Well, after all the hysteria about how many feet of snow would be covering the land, we really were worried as to whether we would make it down to Southampton for this gig at all. But, as is usual with the wonderful weather forecasting we all religiously follow, the snow was nowhere to be seen either at our end, in the Midlands, or down south at The Brook! So a very pleasant journey (complete with drinks, sarnies and sausage rolls) was had by all.


And then the gig! A fantastic crowd turned up to The Brook and were dazzled by a very high-energy performance from the boys – and all this without time for the customary pre-gig Chinese takeaway from over the road! Things were getting back to normal after the problems at the last gig before Christmas – Mo’ had his keyboard back fixed and raring to go; Robin had managed to sort out his guitar amp (as well as his hair) ready to rock and Randy the drummer had finally managed to get himself out of the Noddy car he was stuck in after the last gig.


And the journey home? Well again, that was pretty uneventful. After managing to get Randy’s car loaded (with, as usual, Barry doing f*ck all – how does he get away with it Robin?) we were set to go.

Randy only has a small one (?) so trying to cram all of Robin’s high-quality gear into the car along with Randy’s Argos Drum Kit and Barry’s extensive supply of hair products was a very tall task indeed.

But we managed it all in the end – there really is no end to the talent in Bee Gees Fever!


And so onto the next gig…

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